8* Premium Microfibre Glasses Cleaning Cloths and Phone Screen Cleaner - The Eco Alternative to Wipes - Storage Pouch - 12 x 12cm

  • SUPER SOFT ⭆ Non-Abrasive, Anti-static, Hypoallergenic, Smooth, Lint-free glasses and lens cloths ⭆ DOES NOT DAMAGE the coating of your glasses, lens and phone screens
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: ⭆ no need for chemicals. The Eco Alternative to Disposable Wipes. Reuse 100’s of times.
  • CHEMICAL FREE ULTRA EFFECTIVE ULTRA PREMIUM MICROFIBRE CLEANING CLOTH ⭆ by using heavy 220gsm 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide Premium Microfiber our cloth has more surface area than competitors for more effective cleaning of your glasses, spectacles, lens reading glasses and phone screens. For especially stubborn marks just add water.
  • IDEAL SIZE 12cm x 12cm ⭆ the right size to clean your glasses, sunglasses, camera lens and cleaner phone screens. the right size to fit in your pocket or case
  • MULTICOLOUR COMBINATION PACK⭆ use a different cloth for a different job.
  • BRIGHT AND CHEERFUL COLOURS ⭆ so that they are easily found in your bag, drawer or case.
  • HEAT-SEALED EDGES ⭆ to stop the fabric fraying - The Premium Option!
  • FULLY WASHABLE ⭆ by machine or by hand at up to 50°. Do Not Iron. Do Not Use Fabric Cleaner
  • REUSABLE AND DURABLE – Machine Washable at 40°. Do Not Tumble Dry. Do not iron. Do Not Use Fabric Cleaner.400 Wash Guarantee
  • 1* Black; 1* Blue 1* White 1* Grey 1* Yellow 1* Green 1* Pink 1* Red
  • ULTRA EFFECTIVE ⭆ gently removes dirt, fingerprints, smudges easily and without scratching from your camera lens, sunglasses, reading glasses and spectacles. Perfect for Cleaner Phone Screens
  • STORAGE POUCH ⭆ so that you can easily find the glasses Perfect as SOFT GLASS CASE or GADGET STORAGE BAG - avoids excessive plastic packaging.
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