16* Premium Microfibre Glasses Cleaning Cloths - 12 x 12cm

  • ULTRA PREMIUM MICROFIBRE ⭆ 220gsm cloth in 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide = a greater surface area = better cleaning
  • SUPER SOFT ⭆ Non-Abrasive, Anti-static, Hypoallergenic, Smooth, Lint-free cloths
  • DOES NOT DAMAGE the coating of your glasses
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: ⭆no need for chemicals
  • IDEAL SIZE 12 x 12cm ⭆ the right size to clean your glasses, spectacles, camera lenses and phone screen. The right size to fit in your pocket or case
  • MULTICOLOUR COMBINATION PACK⭆ use a different cloth for a different job.
  • BRIGHT AND CHEERFUL COLOURS ⭆ so that they are easily found in your bag, drawer or case. .
  • HEAT-SEALED EDGES ⭆ to stop the fabric fraying - The Premium Option! FULLY WASHABLE ⭆ by machine at up to 50° or by hand
  • “No Quibble” Lifetime Warranty and Outstanding Customer Service
  • 16 Pack ⭆ 2* Black; 2* Blue 2* White 2* Grey 2* Yellow 2* Green 2* Pink 2* Red
  • EFFECTIVE ⭆ gently removes dirt, fingerprints, smudges easily and without scratching. DOES NOT DAMAGE the coating of your screen or glasses. SUPER SOFT ⭆ Non-Abrasive, Antistatic, Hypoallergenic, Smooth, Lint-free cloths.
  • CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING ⭆ by using heavy 220gsm 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide Premium Microfiber our cloth has more surface area than competitors for more effective cleaning. For especially stubborn marks just add water.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ⭆ No Chemicals, Reuse 100’s of times. REUSABLE AND DURABLE – Machine Washable at 40°. Tumble Dry. Do not iron. 400 Wash Guarantee.
  • PACKAGED IN OUR REUSABLE STORAGE POUCH ⭆ Perfect as SOFT GLASS CASE or GADGET STORAGE BAG - avoids excessive plastic packaging.
  • Premium Microfibre Glasses Cleaning Cloths by Ed Hicks, Non-Abrasive, Anti-Static, Hypoallergenic, Lint-Free, Polyester, Size 12cm,
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