Product Description

  • Soft Glasses Case, Multi-Use Storage Case, Pouch and Bag ⭆ Protect your Glasses and Sunglasses with our “Ischia” Glasses Pouch.
  • Keep your Face Masks Clean and Find them easily in your bag, car or around the house.
  • The Right Size for your Sunglasses and Reading Glasses ⭆ 17cm x 10cm
  • Secure Storage ⭆ our Bead Lock and Drawstring will stop all but the smallest contents falling out and will keep unwanted dust and dirt out.
  • Multi-Function ⭆ use the “Ischia” storage bag for a range of “smalls” such as your phone, camera lenses, keys, coins, cables and earphones. A True Mini Beach Bag.
  • Bright and Jolly Colours ⭆ so that they can be found easily in your bag, in the car, on the beach or around the home. Since they are easily seen they’ll even help stop people treading on them!
  • Machine Washable to 40°
  • 5* Soft Glasses Case, Sunglasses Pouch and Storage Bag By Ed Hicks, Multi Colour on White