ED HICKS Storage Bag-Multi Function Bag

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Product Description

  • MULTI-FUNCTION TRAVEL BAGS ⭆ store your Laundry away from your Clean Clothes; Wash Bag; Swimming Costume Bag; Camping Bags. Mini Beach Bag – keep your valuables out of sight and out of the sand. Perfect for your Phone, Keys, Coins and much more.
  • MICROFBRE CLOTH ⭆ with all its advantages: Soft ⭆ so won’t scratch the contents. Breathable ⭆ stops your shoes getting mouldy. Dust Proof ⭆ to keep everything clean and ready for use.
  • PERFECT DUST BAG ⭆ for Organising and Storing items such as iPad, Tablets, Headphones, Cables, Battery Packs. Keep your Mens and Womens Shoes Sneakers, Sandals Clean and Mould Free (one bag recommend for each adult shoe)
  • EASILY FOUND COLOURS and Unique Patterns ⭆ easily spotted in a draw, suitcase or rucksack. Mulit-Packs ⭆ so you can Allocate a Different colour for Different Items. Each Pouch measures 34.5cm x 22.7cm (13½” x 9”). Other sizes available
  • DRAWSTRING with LOCK PEARL ⭆ to keep the bag securely closed⭆ no risk of your knot coming undone (unlike double draw-strings). ⭆ Keep the sand out and your headphones, charger, battery pack and cables in.
  • Machine Washable ⭆ at cool temperatures to make life easier. Quick Dry ⭆ so that they are back in use sooner. Wash with similar colours only. Machine wash up to max. 40 degrees C. Suitable for Tumble Dryers. Do not use fabric softeners.