Microfibre Beach, Pool & Bath Towels - Quick Dry - XL - 200 x 90cm - Rainbow and White

  • Cheerful and Colourful Extra Large Microfibre Beach and Swimming Towel in a variety of designs
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MICROFIBER BEACH TOWELS: Eco-friendly microfiber produced without harmful additives, hypoallergenic and with antibacterial treatment. Ultra-soft and durable for years of use.
  • SAND FREE to make your time on the Beach hassle free.
  • CARRY and BEACH TRAVEL BAG included Free, ideal to carry and conceal your small valuables.
  • THE PERFECT HOLIDAY TOWEL - Extra Large to cover your sun lounger whether by the pool or on the beach. Doubles up as a modesty Sarong. 200cm x 90cm.
  • ULTRA ABSORBENT to dry you quickly after your swim in the pool. COMPACT to take up minimum space in your bag.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE backed by our Outstanding Customer Care.
  • EXTRA LARGE - 200 x 90cm XXL to give you lots of space to lie on the beach. Also large enough to serve as a modesty dress for women at the bar or restaurant!
  • BEACH TOWELS FOR WOMEN in SUPERIOR MICROFIBER - ecological microfiber produced without any harmful additives - hypoallergenic. Ultra-soft and durable, for many years of use.
  • SAND FREE and - FAST DRYING so that it can soon dry you again - ULTRA ABSORBENT to dry you faster and to prevent mold and stop odors. - VERY COMPACT AND LIGHT to take up less space in your suitcase
  • Perfect for many occasions - on the BEACH, by the SWIMMING POOL, CAMPING, TRAVEL or HOLIDAY anywhere. It’s also ideal for YOGA, PILATES, GYM and all SPORTS
  • BEACH POUCH Included - with lanyard and locking bead - for more safety and protection. Perfect for keeping your Sunscreen, Keys, Phone and coins clean, safe and out of sight
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